Work at Home Tips for Stress Free Holidays and Beyond

Do you know what is the most vital aspect of your business? Sure that awesome new digital devise you ordered for Christmas, which will REVOLUTIONIZE your office once you figure it out is fabulous. And that new phone that allows you connect to cyberspace anywhere you go is awesome. But none of these would matter one bit if the person running the show were to get sick and not be able to work. Even for a month or two if you were disabled, can you imagine the consequences? So what’s the most valuable aspect of your business? Right, you are.At any stage of your business, whether you just opened shop, or have a full client base established, it’s so important to remember this. You need to keep yourself in good physical health in order to have enough energy to run a successful business and home life. But how? There’s so much to do, and so little time to do it.Here are a few tips that you might find beneficial:1. Get enough sleep. Especially now with holiday parties, client and family gifts to buy, extra work and personal responsibilities, etc. Remember that even though you could go on 4 hours sleep at one time, you probably can’t do it now, so don’t try. A good night’s sleep makes everything feel better.2. Have a schedule to follow and stick to it as much as possible. Avoid unnecessary interruptions, including constant e-mail checking.3. Create boundaries, both work-related and personal boundaries. You can’t do it all and once you start saying no, you’ll be amazed how truly awesome it feels. And how great your business runs.4. Exercise. Not again you’re saying! But it’s so true how much better you will feel and how much more energy you will have. How about just a small walk in between projects? Get to the gym. Plan to go before you start your Christmas shopping. You’re feel more energized and good about yourself.5. Get out of the office and do your work whenever possible. I do a lot of writing and proofing as an author and publicist. Instead of sitting in the office, I take it the local coffee shop, bookstore, library, outside patio, beach, etc. It feels great to have a change of pace. A good cup of java and I’m good to go.6. Prepare a healthy lunch and snack the night before, just like you do for the kids. You’ll be amazed how good it feels to stop and eat a pre-made salad or sandwich.7. Stretch in your chair for stress relief and more energy. This is a great help for me. I will also at times sit on an exercise ball instead of my chair. That enables me to stretch my muscles and also just feel like I’m getting away from my desk, even thought I’m right there. The exercise ball makes it more fun, so I’m more productive.8. Take small vacations to get away. Plan a Friday, Saturday, Sunday vacation.9. Take weekends and evenings off. It’s so easy to get caught up working 24/7. But when you take this time off, you feel so much more energized.10. Watch your budget. During the holidays many businesses experience a time when business is slower than usual. Plan ahead for this or watch your spending closely to avoid added stress.And remember it’s a learning process. No one’s perfect. One of the greatest gifts I did learn was to no longer beat myself up so much. So what if I didn’t do it all today. So what if my house didn’t pass a white glove test today or ever. I Really Enjoy Life Today — I Enjoy My Business — And I Really Enjoy My Family Too.Hope you enjoy these tips. Stop by our site for more tips and free goodies on how to run your business more successfully and achieve the best in everything you do.

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Learning Karate at Home Tips For Success!

If you are learning karate at home, or practice karate at home, alongside your regular dojo practice, having a good training routine is a must.Now I am older, I tend to train mainly at the dojo, but here are a few tips that helped me tremendously when training at home.1. A good warm up and stretch! I used to do a three mile run, then immediately onto an exercycle for 5 miles, the first seven tenths of each mile, I would push fast, then the last three tenths of each mile, I would sprint. I would repeat this for four miles, then sprint the last mile. A great warm up and on it’s own an excellent work out.I would then stretch for twenty minutes, sometimes longer. I would hold each stretch for at least thirty seconds, which is not very long, but after a warm up like that, it was more than enough to give a really good stretch. If you are not very flexible, try holding for longer, but do not try to hard, or you will end up fighting your own body!You may do a completely different warm up, today, I simply do a slow two or three mile jog as my warm up. You may like to swim, walk or other form of exercise, just make sure you enjoy the warm up and always start slowly.2. Know what you are going to practice! I would spend four days at the dojo and three days practicing karate at home. I would write everything down,eg. 20 slow kizamizuki (jabbing punch)
20 fast kizamizuki
20 slow gyakuzuki (reverse punch)
20 fast gyakuzuki
etc, etc.I would do this for many karate techniques and I would practice them on and off a punch bag. Sometimes I would do fewer karate moves, but practice many more reps and other times I would do many different moves, but lower reps. Once I finished a set, I would cross them off my training list.3. I used to train in my parents attic, it was very lonely, very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer. My training at home, would start at 7pm and finish at about 11pm (ish), sometimes I would still be there after midnight (I must have been nuts!). Every night I wasn’t at the dojo, I was in ‘the loft’.I look back and although I used to train for 4+ hours, If you really condensed the training down, it was more like 2 hours solid training.Now, you may laugh at this, but I would often find myself talking and mumbling incoherently to myself. I believe the one thing that stopped me going completely crazy, was music! If you are learning karate at home, put some of your favourite music on, especially when you are really going for it.But the most important tip I can give you, is please, enjoy your karate training, life is short!